After the death of Shah Tahmas Hisson Esmael, his brother Sultan Mohammad became Shah in 956 A.H. Sultan Mohammad appointed his son Mirza Abbas to be the governor of Herat. In 965 A.H., following a Turkmen rebellion in Ghazvin, Mirza Abbas transferred his provisional rule to the area.
A short time later, Abass broke with Sultan Mohammad and established an independent fiefdom in Ghazvin itself. At the age of 17, he became the King of Ghazvin and would govern as such for four years. Ghazvin's leisurely atmosphere attracted many renowned artists who would serve at Abass's court, including Mozaffar Ali Siyavash , Shaikh Mohammad , Mir Mosavar, Sadegh Beig and Agha Reza.
For their parts, Mohammad and Beig left the most enduring legacies, including nearly complete collections of royal designs and illustrations. Agha Reza, later working under the name Reza Abassi, had achieved prominence as a Persian master before the advent of the Ghazvin School, but continued his work under Mirza's royal court. Beig, for some time the head of the Royal Library of Ghazvin, engaged in a cordial but heated rivalry with the young Abassi, a competition that produced some of the era's finest works.
Molana Shaikh Mohammad Shirazi, another painter of the time, had been living and studying with his father in Sabzvar, Khorasan. Later relocating to the court of Ghazvin, Shaikh Mohammad was expert in illustrating detailed human figures and faces. Also notable were the rural landscape and scenery paintings of Mosavar Mohammadi. Mohammadi was the son and star pupil of the renowned Sultan Mohammad. He was living in Tabriz at the advent of the Ghazvin School, later relocating to Ghazvin itself. Ostad Mohammadi was adept in evoking the true nature of rural life in Persia at the time. His works, which surpassed even his father's mastery, benefited from a variety in subject matter.

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